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To explain for the two good functions together--- recorder and reversible functions which are preeminence.

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The temperature recorder  labels made by us have two good functions together--recorder and reversible functions which are preeminence. And the touchy materials are white currently, they will change white to red (or other color) when hot;  then, when the object cools down, they will change red to pink (or other demitint )--this is recorder function;  If the object  is hot again, the color of touchy materials will change pink to red--this is reversible function! 




heatting heat again
 preliminary heatting resume


Celsius Degree  /  Fahrenheit Degree    ---    table

Celsius Degree  35  40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90

Fahrenheit Degree

95 104 113 122 131 140 149 158 167 176 185 194



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