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to keep foods during transpor,    size: many size or type!

The Thaw indicators (labels) are Irreversible and can record Thaw temperature exceeded. They enable the receiver of the goods to check whether a certain temperature has been exceeded during transport.

They have some kind of activation mechanism, when before using, they can be not activated (to begin changing color). When the Thaw indicators begin record temperature for transport (the indicator need to be activated), Workers handles very simply for activating. They are small and cheap, they change color very clear and high precision.

The THAW Indicators are a new Invention invented by our YDX Institute, they may be using to ship foods, for recording the temperature. Once, They been activated, if the temperature exceed the thaw temperature, the Thaw indicator will change color to red (or other color).

 Ice Temperature recorder Indicators

Freeze Watch Indicators

Frappe Temperature recorder Indicators

 Cold Mark Temperature Indicators of frozen temperature

The new product developed of more inferior east of Beijing star mechanical and electrical technological research institute - one kind of indicator of frozen temperature of supervision damage reliable partner is seeked in  about to further enlargement and the popularization , and can keep watch on carrying  producing the certainly temperature of article .

Having had it , one of your visitor  can know , and whether or not the product is in transportation or the course stored , exposed once under the temperature of damage .

Whether or not this frozen temperature indicator can expose is being lower than under the temperature of 32 ℉s /0 ℃ by the display product once . Air bubble  by way of observe his indicator tube  is wavered to realize this effect . The frozen temperature indicator is for your product provides one kind of strategy  and achieves success rising in value of beneficial result , and provides one kind of record  ensuring your customer product quality .  The indicator of frozen temperature how is used :

Whether or not coloured liquid gentleness  in the frozen temperature indicator of observation steeps wavering , if can not waver , the explanation exposed below reaction temperature 32 ℉s /0 ℃ once .

The applicability :

Vaccine,bacterin storageDrug and blood product foodstuff is taken a photograph and the roll film product specifications :

The size dimension :  6.5cm wide X's 0.6cm's high temperature degree scope of long X 1.5cm : It is available in reaction temperature 32 ℉s /0 ℃  The property :


The normal temperature environment that stores more than reaction temperature 32 ℉s /0 ℃ .  Uses the frozen temperature indicator to supervise the refrigeration state :

The product of many Yi Shou's temperature influences all can not be lower than temperature freezed reservoir .

Can measure out your product whether or not exposing to the open air under the temperature of refrigeration by way of applying the frozen temperature indicator

The work principle of cold warm indicator :

The frozen temperature indicator contains coloured liquid and air bubble wavered of one kind of special dispensation , and the air bubble can be wavered at ordinary times

Exposing being lower than under the reaction temperature after simple 30 minutes when the indicator , coloured liquid solidifies not  again liquefaction .

When adding temperature rise reaction temperature 32 ℉s /0 ℃ once more when the indicator , the air bubble  in coloured liquid  still keeps static , and this scene is irreversible .  It is simple convenient to be use :

The frozen temperature indicator is simple for using , hang down that the cost monitors with the temperature  in the normal temperature store transportation , and design  - strengthening to the management transporting easily

The frozen temperature indicator , frozen quality that the temperature indicator can be ensured the product are used when you

Simply tearing the pad of the indicator back , and will have one side subsides of viscosity on certain dry surface , you can put this indicator at the interior or the outward appearance  of transportation counter

No matter transportation medical science drug , medicament , paint or other need the product of refrigeration , the frozen temperature indicator is one kind of tool of very convenient and very accurate supervision transportation and holding .

It can very convenient and very accurately supervise the low temperature limit

Apply the frozen temperature indicator , and can ensure the quality of product , and let your customer more satisfied.


We are developing the thaw indicator to other type,  they will be more and more cheap. Welcome you tell your kind suggestions to me.  Please contact US.

ColdMark Temperature Indicators ColdMarks indicate when the temperature of the package has gone below the lowest acceptable temperature degree. A dye will react the instant the temperature hits the low point. Remove the liner from the pressure-sensitive backing, and mount ColdMark onto a clean dry surface in the environment being monitoredPre-conditioning is not necessary. If the bulb remains clear, there is no problem. However, if a violet color appears, the product has been exposed to colder-than-acceptable conditions. The bulb changes from clear and colorless to cloudy with streaks of violet. When the ColdMark indicator warms to above the response temperature, the bulb changes irreversibly to a uniform violet color. Product Information Peel-off liner is attached to the indicator so it can be easily attached to product in transit. Product is packed 250 indicators per case. Minimum order is one cas Monitored temperature Temperature monitoring in the cold sector with unique colour changing indicators from our standard programme for the safety of your production line! Chill checkers are the ideal protection for products that do not tolerate any temperature differences during transportation and storage. This is especially important with deep-frozen products as well as when transporting medical cargoes in warm climat Version: Self-adhesive Dimensions: The thaw alert is a flat, circular label, which is exceptionally suitable for safeguarding cargoes and medical products during storage and transportation from the damage caused by the effect of heat. When the product become hotter than the specified temperature, the indicator changes colour irreversibly. For quantities in excess of 5,000, the size of the label can be changed and can be provided with an Version: Self-adhesive Dimen 18 mm Tolerance: +/- 1°C Package content: 1000 off on a roll Thaw alert Available temperatures: Type 1: - 17°C Type 6: + 4°C Type 2: - 8°C Type 7: + 5°C Type 3: - 6°C Type 8: + 11°C Type 4: - 2°C Type 9: + 14°C Type 5: + 1°C Type 10 + 17°C Thaw alerts are activated by pressure (15 psi). Three types of activation devices are available at the start of production.This indicator is just right for monitoring products during transportation which must not be cooled below 0°C. If the temperature reaches 0°C, the complete inspection window changes colour to red. Version: Self-adhesive Dimensions

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